Caroline van den Berg-Kuehn: voice & performance coach, professional classical singer, pedagogue

Born in Toronto, Canada, Caroline van den Berg-Kuehn is a German-Canadian professional classical singer, pedagogue, and voice and performance coach.

She received her Honours Bachelor of Music degree in Voice performance from the University of Toronto, continued her training in performance at the Konservatorium der Stadt Wien, and earned her Master’s degree in Voice Performance from the Cleveland Institute of Music, winning several awards and scholarships along the way.

Caroline has had the opportunity to perform in many Theatres and Music festivals across North America and Europe, among them the Theater an der Wien, the Jugendstiltheater, Opera Cleveland, the Salzburg Mozart Festival, Styriarte Graz, Mozart Days Bologna, in productions ranging from Porgy and Bess (Gerschwin) to Idomeneo (Mozart). Passionate about all forms of classical Vocal Music, Caroline has also explored the varied Lied and Art Song repertoire from the French, German, English, and even Czech and Russian language literature, as well as immersing herself in modern compositions by composers Alexandra Bryant and Herman Whitfield III.

Photogapher; Tim Carr Photo, Pfäffikon ZH

As a pedagogue, Caroline, having been fascinated by the possibilities of the voice and the human body, has maintained a private coaching practice, as well as having served on the Music and Theatre Faculties in the classrooms of many schools in North America, and here in Zurich at the Inter-Community School Zurich, and the Zurich International School, where she currently continues to maintain an active practice.

Having spent many years working with students of all ages on their voice, stage presence, personal development and confidence, it was only a natural progression for her to expand and adapt those performance and communication skills to clients outside of the Arts. The skills of Communication, maintaining an audience’s rapt attention and finding an optimal way to deliver an impactful and lasting message, are what she has honed in her own performance career. She began working with clients and saw that those same skills, adapted to her client’s needs, allowed them to grow in their own performance confidence and abilities to deliver their own messages with impact, whether it was while public speaking, a debate, a Zoom conference, or even a networking event. The opportunity to share her passion for personal growth, and the beauty of watching a client grow and tap into their own hidden potential inspired Caroline to expand her work to help clients outside of the Arts find their true voices, their own confidence in presentation, get their message across effectively, be remembered by their audiences, and help them move forward in their lives and careers.

For Caroline, working with a client and seeing them break through their own barriers, and exceed their own expectations is thrilling and rewarding work. She celebrates every success and works through every valley with her clients, guiding them and navigating the complexities of their own personal journeys to free themselves and own their potential.