Make your voice heard and come across at your best ..

In today’s hybrid world where messaging seems to explode, a quiet voice is no longer heard. Human voice-based presentation and communication are confronted with new challenges. How do I ensure that my communication has impact and avoid my voice is not pushed into the background? How do I reach people who seem to be glued to their mobile screens and connect successfully with listeners through digital media? How do I grab the spotlight, enthuse my audience, create a strong, memorable stage presence, and make sure I come across at my best?

A holistic approach to improve presence and communication ..

From my extensive vocal performance and coaching background, I developed a holistic approach to improve both personal presence and overall communication skills. Through personalized coaching you learn to understand, develop, and control your vocal presence and presentation impact.

I am looking forward to help your communication shine!


Photogapher; Tim Carr Photo, Pfäffikon ZH