Why I coach ..

It makes me happy to see people thrive, succeed and grow into themselves and their potential. I have seen too many talented and intelligent individuals get bypassed for promotions, fall apart in presentation, have their very good message lost in the delivery, and miss out on countless life opportunities because of it. I understand performance anxiety, and how debilitating it can be, and I also understand that there are tools we can use in order to overcome our personal hurdles. This motivates and excites me. It is simply thrilling to watch a client grow, succeed, and exceed even their own expectations.

What I coach ..

I coach both artistic and non-artistic clients of all ages to hone their presentation, communication and performance skills. For those artist preparing for performance, audition, or even examination, we work to prepare the voice, the body, and the mind to connect with the work they will be performing on a deep and personal level, and to allow their voice, body language, facial expression and understanding of the work to come to the forefront, and communicate the ideas they have about their performance material. For non-artistic clients, I adapt those same skills of finding an appropriate vocal presence for presentation, how to communicate meaning of your message with your body language, how and when to breathe to have the most impact in the message, understanding the skill of vocal inflection and how to use your face to communicate and connect with your audience. In addition to this, you will learn how to understand your audience and how to get them invested in you and your message, tools to work with and potentially overcome performance anxiety, as well as get to the root of why the anxiety may be there to begin with.

How I coach ..

I am tough but kind. I will call it like I see it, but know how to inspire and set a goal for my clients. With me you will work, but the work will be rewarding, and always with a positive spin. I believe in meeting my clients where they are and building them up, rather than just offering a laundry list of what does not work. We work hand in hand to figure out the whys of what’s not working, to work on the hows, in order to bring the essence of who my clients are and what their message is, to the forefront.  I offer one hour multi-week group coaching sessions online or in person, for both corporate and non-corporate clients, as well as one-session half day workshops for groups. For those who wish to have more customized, in depth coaching, I organize bespoke coaching for clients, where we set and work towards personalized longer term goals. This is the most intensive way to work, but also the most effective for change. For individuals who want a single consultation before a presentation, performance, examination, or other kind of event, single “power sessions” are also available, to brush up and get last minute tips and can be organized to fit into your schedule. These can range from short 30 minute sessions to 2 hour consultations, depending on your needs and the amount of work and material needing to be worked through. See also my offering page.


Photogapher; Tim Carr Photo, Pfäffikon ZH