Why I sing ..

Singing is one of the most vulnerable forms of sharing oneself and one’s message with an audience. The singing voice reflects all of our emotions, our insecurities, our joys, our pains, changes over time. it is the ultimate challenge to gain mastery over this complex and hidden instrument, as well as the mind, and the emotions. It is an incredibly personal way to share a message: nobody else has the same voice and can share its message in the same way. It is a beautiful gift both to an audience but also one we give ourselves: it brings joy to the listener and to the performer. It is art, therapy, sport, beauty, pain, sharing, healing. It is thrilling and terrifying all at once. There is simply nothing like it. This is why I sing.

What I sing ..

As a Lyric soprano, I sing classical works, ranging from operatic repertoire, to Oratorio, Art Song, to Jazz Torch songs and even Operetta and more classical Musical Theatre. If the storyline is an interesting one, the character a complex one to delve into, and the music goosebump-inspiring, I am ready to jump at the opportunity to delve into the roles. I have sung and performed works ranging from Baroque opera to 21st Century symphonic works for voice and orchestra in the Italian, German, French, Czech, Latin, Russian, and Hebrew languages. Always ready to learn, take a risk and push my boundaries as a performer, I like to challenge myself and my voice to find new colours to express the range of emotions evoked in a piece of music and find ways to communicate those and touch an audience emotionally through the performance.

How I sing ..

In one word, holistically. I believe there can be no separation between the voice, the body, the mind, the spirit and the heart. The voice is the vessel of communication for who we are. The body must work with the breath to carry the vehicle that is the voice and its message to the outside. We then effectively have to learn how to get out of our own way, by engaging the right musculature, and releasing the “extra muscular stuff” that wants to hold on, in order to allow the voice to be free and soar on the breath.


Photogapher; Tim Carr Photo, Pfäffikon ZH